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Power: A Conceptual Analysis

Power: A Conceptual Analysis
  • Year of publication 2016
  • 430 pages
Author:Reinoud Bosch
Categories: Social Sciences Political Science
Social Sciences Public Administration
Icon_printbook 978‐94‐6236‐680‐0 | paperback | 1st edition | € 60.00 / $ 76.27 / £ 59.89

Power is a central concept in the social sciences. This book presents a systematic and comprehensive analysis of this concept. Defining power broadly as the relative ability to affect or receive, the concept is developed in terms of the categories of powerstructures, personal agency, the exercise of power over others, powereffects, situations, fields, strategies, interactions, and scenarios, and collective agency. In developing these categories, the author combines insights from a wide range of social scientific fields including political science, sociology, psychology, economics, management, organization studies and international relations. For each category a relevant practical case is presented, ranging from the image of personal agency that arises from Vladimir Putin’s (auto-)biography to the collective agency constituted by the Internet. The book is of interest to those looking for a comprehensive treatise on the concept of power.

Target group

This publication is meant for academics in the fields of public administration, politicial science and for others in the field of social sciences in search for more information about the concept of power.

Author's information

Reinoud Bosch, PhD, is an academic, author, and editor, with a background in political and social sciences, economics, management, finance, international relations, and technical computerscience. He has held positions at the European University Institute, the Rotterdam School of Management/Erasmus University, and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.