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Icons of Sociology

Icons of Sociology
  • Year of publication 2007
Author:Mart-Jan de Jong
Voor docenten: Hoger Beroepsonderwijs (HBO)
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Icons of Sociology presents a great variety of seminal insights of renowned founders of sociology and the pioneering theories of highly reputed modern sociologists.

It takes readers on a tour through the as yet young history of sociology. A journey that brings them into contact with examples of the social theories and empirical studies evolved by Auguste Comte, Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, Georg Simmel, Max Weber, Talcott Parsons, Norbert Elias, Mary Douglas, Peter L. Berger, Pierre Bourdieu and Jürgen Habermas. Icons of Sociology puts their career and work in a social and historical context and shows how important they were to other social sciences.

The book tackles a variety of fundamental questions such as: why do so many people feel alienated from society, which social factors lead to higher suicide rates, which religious factors stimulate capitalism, what are the social consequences of a money-based economy, what has triggered the process of secularization, and why is social inequality such a persistent phenomenon?

Major findings and theories about social behavior, relations, processes and structures are explained with great clarity. This book is recommended for sociology students and others eager to extend their knowledge of sociology.

Author's information

Mart-Jan de Jong is professor of social sciences at the Roosevelt Academy in Middelburg, an international Liberal Arts and Sciences University College. He is also coordinator of the research group Sociology of Education of the European Sociological Association.