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In the Spotlight: Special issue 'Social Theory and Legal Practices'

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    From the editorial:

    This special issue is inspired by the idea that it is rewarding for socio-legal studies to pay attention to social theory. In recent decades, socio-legal studies in the Netherlands and Belgium have been given an enormous boost through the increasing prevalence of empirical approaches such as law and economics, and law and psychology. Several research centres have been established that endeavor to facilitate and promote interdisciplinary research and/or empirical studies. While this tendency has produced a wealth of studies about law in context, a distinctly sociological account is often difficult to discern. Without denying the usefulness of these studies of law in context, we aim to demonstrate that there is a good deal more to sociology of law than the empirical approaches that have been predominant recently. It is our ambition to articulate the distinctly sociological approach by paying attention to theorists whose insights provide important building blocks for that approach.

     - Tobias Arnoldussen, Robert Knegt & Rob Schwitters - 

    The special issue features the following articles: 

    • Autonomy of law in Indonesia
    • Opinio juris as epistème: A constructivist approach to the use of contested concepts in legal doctrine
    • Social theory and the significance of free will in our system of criminal justice
    • Framing labor contracts: Contract versus network theories
    • The precaution controversy: an analysis through the lens of Ulrich Beck and Michel Foucault
    • “The production of law”: Law in action in the everyday and the juridical consequences of juridification

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