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The Roundabouts of European Law and Economics

The Roundabouts of European Law and Economics
  • Year of publication 2018
  • 56 pages
Author:Roger Van den Bergh
Series:Erasmus Law Lectures (volume 47)
Category: Law International law
Icon_printbook 978‐94‐6236‐886‐6 | paperback | 1st edition | € 34.50 / $ 44.00 / £ 34.50
Icon_ebook 978‐94‐6274‐953‐5 | ebook | € 32.50 / $ 44.00 / £ 34.50

In his valedictory lecture, The Roundabouts of European Law and Economics, Prof. Dr Roger Van den Bergh critically reflects upon three decades of research in European Law and Economics. He discusses the difficult reception of economic analysis of law in the 1980s-1990s, the spectacular growth of Law and Economics in both academia and policy circles at the turn of the millennium and the recent impact of behavioural economics on policy-making. Examples from different areas of law illustrate major insights of Law and Economics: the economic approach to competition law, the adverse effects of consumer protection and the current institutional crisis of the European Union (euro crisis, Brexit).

Author's information

Roger Van den Bergh is an emeritus professor of Law and Economics at the Rotterdam Institute of Law and Economics (RILE). He was the President of the European of Association of Law and Economics (EALE) from 1987 until 2001. Roger has published extensively on topics of competition law and economics, the economics of consumer protection and the economics of federalism.