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The Owlets of Minerva

Human Rights in the Practice of the European Court of Human Rights

The Owlets of Minerva
  • Year of publication 2011
  • 552 pages
Author:Bostjan Zupancic
Editor:Stanley Naismith
Categories: Law Constitutional Law and Human Rights
Law Philosophy of Law
Social Sciences Political Science
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This book covers Judge Zupan?i? 's individual separate opinions, including those joined by other judges, plus the joint opinions of several judges in which Judge Zupan?i? participated. The collection gives an account of Judge Zupan?i? 's views regarding human rights. This is a companion volume to the author's The Owl of Minerva, published in 2007.The title of the book is taken from Hegel and refers to the idea that philosophy cannot be prescriptive because it understands only in hindsight. The same holds true for conceptions of human rights. Based on his many years of experience in the field, the author shares his thoughts about human rights and the role it plays in society.

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Boštjan Zupan?i? (born May 13, 1947 in Ljubljana, Slovenia) is a Slovenian lawyer and a justice on the European Court of Human Rights. Zupan?i? has law degrees from the University of Ljubljana, University of Montreal and Harvard Law School.

April 2013

review by Andra┬× Zidar for the International & Comparative Law Quarterly (ICLQ)

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Australian Journal of Human Rights - Volume 19 (1) 2013

review by Lucas Lixinski - University of New South Wales

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