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Property Law Perspectives VI

Property Law Perspectives VI
  • Year of publication 2019
  • 251 pages
Editor:Caroline Rupp, Rafael Ibarra Garza, and Bram Akkermans
Series:Maastricht Law Series (volume 7)
Category: Law Law (general)
Icon_printbook 978‐94‐6236‐904‐7 | paperback | 1st edition | € 61.50 / $ 83.00 / £ 65.00
Icon_ebook 978‐94‐6274‐994‐8 | ebook | € 61.50 / $ 83.00 / £ 65.00

This volume is the sixth instalment in the Property Law Perspectives Series. Founded by the Young Property Lawyers Forum (, a global network of young property law scholars, this volume presents the carefully curated highlights of two consecutive conferences held in Hamburg (Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, Germany) and in Monterrey (Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico).

Property law is often perceived as a static area of study in which there are no developments of significance. This volume proves the contrary. Its contributions address a variety of current issues in property law scholarship, ranging from a critical scrutiny of traditional principles via new developments in selected jurisdictions to the cutting-edge questions of European integration and the digitalisation of property law. It is especially young scholars who are in the best position to bring these new perspectives and topics to the field.

This book merits the attention of every student and academic interested in new developments in property scholarship, as well as of legal practitioners looking to place societal developments into a legal context.