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Parallel Proceedings in Investment Arbitration

Parallel Proceedings in Investment Arbitration
  • Year of publication 2016
  • 250 pages
Author:Giovanni Zarra
Series:Giappichelli co-publications
Category: Law International law
Icon_printbook 978‐94‐6236‐721‐0 | paperback | 1st edition | € 69.00 / $ 87.75 / £ 68.90

This book analyzes one of the most relevant issues of investment arbitration, which has extremely important practical consequences. Starting from an analysis of the sources of parallel proceedings and from a study of the reasons for the proliferation of international investment arbitrations arising from the same facts. The author argues that - at the admissibility stage of arbitral proceedings - the application of certain principles (namely abuse of process, res judicata and collateral estoppel) could, if such principles are broadly interpreted, offer practical solutions to the issue. This interpretation finds support in several awards and legal writings and the conclusions reached in the book are highly desirable from the perspective of investment arbitration as a public means of disputes settlement.

Target group

The book is of interest to scholars and practitioners working on international law and international arbitration.  

Author's information

Giovanni Zarra is a researcher and lecturer in international arbitration, international commercial law and private international law at the University of Naples Federico II. He holds a PhD in international disputes settlement at the University of Naples Federico II. He also holds an LLM (with distinction) in International and Comparative Dispute Resolution at Queen Mary University of London and is the author of several publications (both in Italian and English) on subjects related to international arbitration, transnational litigation, private international law and international commercial law.