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New Perspectives on Acquisitive Prescription

New Perspectives on Acquisitive Prescription
  • Year of publication 2019
  • 200 pages
Editor:Bjorn Hoops and Ernst Marais
Series:NILG - Vastgoed, Omgeving en Recht (volume 12)
Category: Law Law (general)
Icon_printbook 978‐94‐6236‐959‐7 | 1st edition | € 55.00
Icon_ebook 978‐94‐6274‐747‐0 | ebook | € 55.00

Landownership is a cornerstone of our economic and social system, as it enables people to lead self-fulfilling lives by allowing them to participate in human activities. It also provides the necessary security for long-term investment and economic development. These purposes are undermined when non-owners acquire the ownership of land against the owner’s wishes. Yet, both acquisitive prescription and adverse possession deprive owners of their property against their will.

This book offers fresh perspectives on existing debates about whether these legal institutions still serve legitimate goals in contemporary society. To the extent that they still have a societal function, the contributors to this book inquire whether the requirements for an acquisition by a non-owner should be changed. They pay particular attention to the role of land registration systems in the context of these legal institutions and shed light on whether there should be alternative remedies available, such as compensation for the loss of land.

Target group

The book will be of use to academic lawyers, property theorists, legal practitioners, and land use planners.