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Greenhouse Gas Emissions from International Aviation

Legal and Policy Challenges

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from International Aviation
  • Year of publication 2015
  • 480 pages
Author:Alejandro Piera Valdes
Series:Essential Air and Space Law (volume 14)
Category: Law Air & Space Law
Icon_printbook 978‐94‐6236‐467‐7 | hardcover | 1st edition | € 97.50 / $ 124.20 / £ 97.52
Icon_ebook 978‐94‐6274‐143‐0 | ebook | € 64.99 / $ 87.73 / £ 68.88

While the aviation sector has introduced a number of technological and operational measures to curb its greenhouse gas emissions, these will not offset the emissions expected from its projected growth. This book examines the legal framework underlying the international aviation and climate change discourse. It analyzes the suitability of the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) institutional setting to address climate change and provides a critical assessment of the European Union Emission Trading Scheme. Finally, the author makes several recommendations to facilitate the adoption, implementation and, ultimately, compliance with the ICAO’s global market-based measure scheme to limit greenhouse gas emissions from international aviation.

Target group

Practitioners and scholars in the field of international aviation law and government authorities.

Author's information

Alejandro Piera Valdés is an international consultant on international law, air transport and environment. He was Advisor to the United Arab Emirates on the ICAO Council and served as rapporteur to the modernization of the Tokyo Convention of 1963. In addition to his private practice experience, Alejandro was also Senior Legal Counsel of IATA. He holds a Doctoral and LLM degrees from McGill University and a law degree from the National University of Asuncion.

Annals of Air and Space Law May 2016

review by Md. Tanveer Ahmad, LLB (Hons)(London), LLM (McGill), DCL (McGill). Dr. Ahmad is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Law, North South University, Bangladesh.

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Air and Space Law December 2015

review by Pablo Mendes de Leon, Professor of Air and Space Law, Director of the International Institute of Air and Space Law, Leiden University

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