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Collected Cases on EU Labour Law

Collected Cases on EU Labour Law
  • Year of publication 2018
  • 1068 pages
Editor:Anja Eleveld and Beryl ter Haar
Series:Boom Jurisprudentie en documentatie
Category: Law Employment and Labour Law
Voor docenten: Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs (WO)
Icon_printbook 978‐94‐6290‐490‐3 | paperback | 1st edition | € 42.50 / $ 54.00 / £ 42.40

European labour law has an unmistakable influence on national law. This applies even more to the case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), as it has implications for the application of European law in the Member States and with it the interpretation of national law. This book contains a collection of standard judgments that every labour lawyer should know. In addition, each section contains a number of judgments that have proved to be of particular interest for most of the EU Member States’ jurisdictions, or that have determined the discussion to a large extent on the respective topic of labour law.
This collection of cases is unique because it is the only one that focuses solely on EU labour law and because each of the topical sections is provided with an introductory text in which the case-law is put in broader EU context. Consequently, for every legal practitioner this book offers easy access to CJEU case-law in order to assess whether and to what extent a particular judgment can be of importance for a case at hand.

Author's information

A. Eleveld is assistant professor of European employment law at the law faculty of the Free University in Amsterdam. B.P. ter Haar is assistant professor and academic coordinator of the advanced master Global and European Labour Law at the law faculty of Leiden University.

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