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  • What is ePub?
    EPub is a file format that is delivered by Adobe and can be displayed on most eReaders. The text display can be optimized for the particular display device used by the reader of the EPub-formatted book. You can also read and manage ePub files on your computer by using the Firefox add-on. This software can be installed on your Windows Desktop, Apple Mac OS X for desktop and Macbook.


    What is DRM?
    Digital Rights Management (DRM)  is a technology that is used to protect digital content against piracy and illegal copying.


    What is the Firefox add-on?
    The Firefox add-on is free software that enables you to view eBooks on your personal computer and transfer these to your eReader.
    After installing the Firefox add-on, you can view and manage your eBooks. You can transfer your eBooks easily to your eReader by connecting your eReader to your pc using a usb-cable. You will find your digital downloads in the folder ‘My Digital Editions’ which is stored in the folder ‘My Documents’. Adobe Digital Editions is supported by Windows Vista, XP and 2000 and MAC OS X 10.4.
    If you prefer to use a Sony eReader, you will need Sony eBook Library software. This has been delivered together with your Sony eReader and can be downloaded here.


    Downloading the necessary software
    Click here to download and install the Firefox add-on.

    If you have a Sony reader, it is not necessary to install the Firefox add-on. Instead you can use the supplied driver.
    If you need help installing the Sony library software, click the following link and follow the installation plan.
    After installing the necessary software, you are able to read your eBook on your computer or e-reader. Provided, however, that your device supports the DRM format from Adobe.

    After downloading an eBook, it will appear in the Firefox reader. A new icon will appear after you have connected your e-reader to your computer with the usb-cable,. Please drag your purchased e-Books to this icon.