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Desert in a Reparative Frame

Re-defining Contemporary Criminal Justice

Desert in a Reparative Frame
  • Year of publication 2016
  • 182 pages
Author:David J. Cornwell
Category: Criminology General
Icon_printbook 978‐94‐6236‐644‐2 | hardcover | 1st edition | € 52.00 / $ 66.15 / £ 51.94

This work re-configures the concept of Desert within criminal punishment philosophy and practice away from its traditional and predominantly retributive orientation and towards a reparative and restorative mode of criminal justice delivery inclusive of all the stakeholders within the justice process. Its pragmatic prescriptions for ‘doing justice better’ will be of  operational interest to a wide range of criminal justice practitioners, academics, legal professionals, policy-makers, students of criminology, and informed members of the media and general public alike.

Though written from a mainly British contemporary perspective, this work has resonance for penal reform within many jurisdictions world-wide, both developed and developing, and bearing the burden of excessive penal populations at unacceptable financial and social cost. It focuses upon giving victims of crime due and proper consideration, and many less serious offenders the opportunity to take responsibility and make amends for their wrongdoing as a practical means towards their social restoration. Summarily, it shifts the contemporary justice paradigm away from crime control and towards crime reduction.

Target group

Criminologists and legal professionals in the field of restorative justice.

Author's information

David J. Cornwell is a criminologist and former prison governor with extensive experience of correctional practices in the UK, Europe and elsewhere worldwide. This expertise is brought to bear on the analysis and proposals within this work.

Panopticon December 2016

review by Bas van Stokkum, sociologist and lecturer at the Centre for Ethics of the Radboud University Nijmegen and the faculty of social sciences of the VU University Amsterdam.

Language: Dutch. 

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