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European Employment Law Cases

European Employment Law Cases
  • ISSN 1877‐9107
  • Year of publication 2016
  • 4 issues per year
Editors:Zef Even, Ruben Houweling and Amber Zwanenburg
Category: Law Law (general)
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European Employment Law Cases (EELC) is a legal journal that is published four times per year. Its principal aim is to publish judgments by national courts in Europe that are likely to be of interest to legal practitioners in other European countries. To this end, EELC has a national correspondent in almost every country within the EU (plus Norway), who alerts the Editorial Board to such judgments within his or her own jurisdiction. A case report describes the facts of the case and the main aspects of the judgment. It also includes a Commentary by the author and, in many cases, comments on the case by lawyers in other jurisdictions. Readers are invited to submit case reports, preferably through the national correspondent in their jurisdiction. Guidelines for authoring a case report are available from the Editorial Board. The names and contact details of the national correspondents are listed on the inside of the back page. Besides case reports, EELC publishes the occasional article.

EELC also publishes summaries of recent judgments by the Court of Justice of the EU (the ECJ) that are relevant to practitioners of European employment law, as well as Advocates-Generals’ opinions and brief summaries of questions that have been referred to the ECJ for a preliminary ruling.

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